Fish Puffs
Fish Puffs
Fish Puffs
Fish Puffs
Fish Puffs
Fish Puffs
Fish Puffs
Fish Puffs
Fish Puffs
Fish Puffs
Fish Puffs
Fish Puffs

Fish Puffs – $20


Made with Asian carp - a clean, nutritious fish that’s high in protein and omega-3s. It’s a super sustainable ingredient (more on that here). Made and sourced in the USA. Gently dehydrated.

100% Asian carp from American waterways.

2.5oz (71g) per pouch.

Gently dehydrated.

All-natural, single-ingredient, human-grade, wheat-free, soy-free, & GMO-free.

FDA and USDA Animal + Plant Inspection Service certified.

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude protein (min) 94.0%, Crude fat (min) 2.7%, Crude fiber (max) 0.4 %, Moisture (max) 9.9%

Break treat into smaller pieces to feed to your dog. Provide water, always.

Remember folks, treats aren't a meal replacement. Always supervise your dog when they're snacking and discard a treat if a potential hazard presents itself.

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Reasons to Love

Transparently sourced and super sustainable. Learn more about why we use Asian carp below.

One ingredient — no fillers or preservatives.

Whole pieces that break down into multiple servings.


Our fish puffs are made with one ingredient - sustainably and traceably caught Asian carp from American waterways.

Yep, all of those things.

Nope, none of that stuff.

We want to bring awareness to the ecological problem, and corresponding opportunity, that exists with Asian carp - a clean, nutritious fish, whose overabundance is threatening the ecosystem of many American waterways. We’re committed to promoting the fish’s viability as a sustainable food option for dogs and humans alike.

Of course. Since being introduced domestically in the 1970s, Asian carp has aggressively spread throughout the Mississippi River watershed, causing serious damage to native fish populations along the way. The species overpopulates and out-competes other fish for food and space. Unlike common carp, Asian carp filter-feeds on plankton near the water’s surface, so it’s a clean, nutritious fish that’s also high in protein and omega-3s. Despite being one of the most widely consumed fish in Asia, stigma around its name has prevented it from finding similar acceptance in the US.

We use the fish maw, which is commonly referred to as the swim bladder. It’s super nutritious - high in both collagen and protein.

We source our Asian carp from Fin Gourmet in Paducah, Kentucky. It’s run by two doctorate ecologists who partner with local fishermen working along the Kentucky Lake, Barkley Lake, and lower Mississippi River (specifically in Arkansas and Northern Louisiana).

Fin Gourmet is an environmental and social impact driven company founded by two doctorate ecologists, Lula and her husband John. Fin’s guiding principles aligned with our own, and their mission is two-fold.

     1. Provide economic opportunities and foster job creation as a second-chance employer whose staff is largely composed of people navigating life after incarceration, drug court, or domestic violence victimization.

     2. Revitalize the inland fishing industry, working with local fishermen to manage Asian carp populations so rivers, lakes, and estuaries are better protected.

In partnering with Finn Gourmet, Wild One is committed to building awareness around Asian carp’s threat to domestic ecosystems and promoting its viability as a sustainable food option.

Their facility is FDA certified and inspected by the state of Kentucky (aligning with the FDAs National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). It’s also a certified H.A.C.C.P. food safety facility.

Yes, fish is tested for nutritional content, mercury, lead, and other toxins.

They’re gently dehydrated to maintain freshness and provide a satisfying crunch.


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